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Lt DeWitt
Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Violence and dissent has spread through the Alpha and Beta quadrants like wildfire. Bloody wars tear empires apart and trust between governments fades. As the galaxy grows unstable, people turn towards the future. Nebulae beg to be charted, planets yearn to be colonized, and as of yet undiscovered species await first contact. Within the shadows, the specters of old enemies lurk, waiting for their chance to strike. Once again, fleets mobilize to defend the beliefs upon which their governments were founded. Uncertainty reigns. What longstanding friendships will be shattered? What new alliances will be forged in the flames of war? *Who will survive?

Your people need you. Are you ready to answer their call and boldly go where no one has gone before? If so, see your local recruiter. It's time to see what really is out there.

Welcome to Federation Space, a Star Trek Role-Playing game set 39 years after the events portrayed in ST:TNG, STS9 and ST:Voyager. Players assume the roles of Star Fleet, Romulan or Klingon officers stationed on ships and bases throughout the quadrant.

Our RPG is going on ten years and we've build up 11 player controlled ships in 4 fleets. Joining us is simple.

1.) Take a look around our site*

2.) Email our Academy Admins at, esperenson@, and halpert@ and submit your application to join our fleet in one of the following departments: Tactical, Security, Engineering, Medical, or Science.

3.) After acceptance you will train through our Academy to learn the basic rules of our RPG.

4.) After graduation you'll be assigned to one of our ships where you can have fun and post wonderful storylines with your fellow shipmates.

I'd like to thank anyone who joins us in advance. I look forward to posting with you in-game.

Lt Kyle DeWitt

Public Affairs Officer

Chief Tactical Officer
USS Pegasus, CL-2500
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