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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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^Ooh, I like them, Holdfast. Great color.
Well, when it comes to Wellington boots, the colour choice tends to be limited to either green or black, and I prefer the green.

I wish I could find some way to getting rid of the Hunter logo though. It's not a sticker; it's actually bonded to the rubber, and it's a bit garish to my eye.
OK, I'm revising this opinion. I hope the logo stays around; three pretty girls complimented me on the wellies today with a variant on the theme of "ooh, Hunters, they're so cool". I never realised they had such devoted fanbase, but I'm shallow enough to definitely appreciate it!

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Finished up my xmas shopping today by purchasing gift cards for some fast food joints (for my kids and husband). Woohoo!! Stick a fork in me......I'm DONE!
Congratulations. I won't stick the fork in for fear you'll pop, but you should take the chance to down a relaxing sherry or two instead, in the lull before the Christmas Day storm.
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