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I fail to to comprehend how prefacing you comments with an insult serves any purpose at all. I haven't committed the codex to memory.
You mean the codex entry I had provided a link to? One would have thought you at least read it prior to responding rather than just pulling some random baseless assertion out of the void. I don't think it's expecting too much of a person to recall something they read mere minutes or seconds prior to typing a comment. As for the "insult", it was a genuine question (which I note you failed to answer), I can't help that it hurt your delicate feelings.

As for the bit about Asari, there's no point in dissecting the precise wording of a wiki article when it's been written by some random person off the net. What you should pay attention to however is the *actual* codex entries from the actual game which are archived verbatim on the wikia as separate articles. Observe:-
Primary Codex Entries/Technology/Biotics
"...Biotics are the result of in-utero exposure to element zero. This usually causes fatal cancers in the victim, but in rare cases it coalesces into nodules within the fetus's developing nervous system."
Note it simply says "biotics are the result of in-utero exposure to element zero." Not "non-asari biotics."
Aliens: Council Races/Secondary Codex Entries/Asari: Biology
"...During melding, an asari consciously attunes her nervous system to her partner's, sending and receiving electrical impulses directly through the skin. The partner can be another asari, or an alien of either gender. Effectively, the asari and her partner briefly become one unified nervous system.

This unique means of reproduction is the reason asari are talented biotics."
Secondary Codex Entries/Aliens: Council Races/Asari: Military Doctrine
"...Biotics are common enough that some capability is a requirement to be trained as a huntress; lack of biotic talent excludes a young asari from military service."
So while it does indicate that asari are certainty more prone to Biotic ability than other races and their biology (specifically their innate control of their nervous system) predisposes them to greater proficiency in controlling their abilities, nowhere does it say that asari are an all biotic species that can manipulate dark energy without the presence of eezo nodules in their bodies. Indeed it specifically says that some asari have no such abilities at all.

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