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Re: Fringe Friday "Death" promo

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Not wanting to derail the thread but I'll make one post on the subject here no matter how low the ratings were on friday nights, they would of been good enough to get a 3rd season if it wasn't for the tuesday move.
You are dreaming.

Eureka and Warehouse 13 both had Christmas special, both of which were shown on a Tuesday, both of them got TWICE as many viewers as Caprica and SGU. Then shortly after that SGU was canceled. I think Syfy waited to prove SGU isn't gonig well.
They aired a one off special over christmas where loads of people are at home, watching TV against a network night with above average repeats. If those shows ran week in week out on that slot they would see big erosion but of course remain higher than SGU's ratings.
Also Eureka and Warehouse 13 have higher ratings than SGU. With show with a bigger fanbase more people are going to tune in on a Tuesday than a smaler fanbase will. And you put these two shows on every Tuesday during the new network season and they'd die too like you said.
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