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Are you being intentionally dense or something? I really can't tell. The codex entry explicitly says that the gun is a scaled *down* version of the one Sovereign had. Meaning it's *less* powerful than the original Reaper version. Just because Sovereign didn't happen to have any bigger ships around to destroy is neither here nor there.
I fail to to comprehend how prefacing you comments with an insult serves any purpose at all. I haven't committed the codex to memory.

As for the Turians spotting it's approach; it's a bit hard to miss anything that size when it's in visual when it went ramming through half the fleet.
I don't believe that has any significant meaning.
If they had cloak or Stealth it would have been logical to use it to get to the station and let the Geth occupy the Citadel fleet.

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Sovereign has a bias against organic life, it's trying to kill us, so why should I trust it to tell the truth about us?
While I understand the argument from an objective standpoint, I get the feeling that being a big, ancient and neigh incomprehensible as Reapers are above that kind of self delusion. I see it as being somewhat akin to the opposing Vorlon and Shadow ideologies from B5. Neither is "wrong" or even biased, it's just a point of view that they've set on. Likewise the Reapers have concluded that their way of harvesting and "ascending" suitable races is the best way to perpetuate themselves. The fact that they've lasted so long means they're correct...though of course being correct doesn't mean they're nice about it.[/QUOTE]
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Even though the focus seems to be element zero, manipulation of dark energy is the ability that is natural to the asari.
During melding, an asari consciously attunes her nervous system to her partner's, sending and receiving electrical impulses directly through the skin
Element Zero (Atomic Number 0, Chemical Symbol Ez), also known as 'eezo', is a substance that, when subjected to an electrical current, releases dark energy which can be manipulated into a mass effect field
It can be assumed, then, that the Asari would need the eezo in their bodies, regardless of whether or not their abilities are based on pure electrical charge manipulation, or more magical dark energy manipulation.
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Are you reading every word of my posts, or only some of them?

I suggest you go over what I said again.
Indeed. I thought you were offering answers and not merely your own speculations.

From the wiki...

All asari are natural biotics from birth (see below), though not all choose to develop their abilities. Biotics of other species, such as humans, are individuals who were exposed to dust-form element zero ('eezo') in utero and, beating the odds, developed eezo nodules throughout their nervous system. The natural electrical impulses in the body can create mass effect fields from these nodules, producing the effects seen as biotic abilities.

Your assumptions are fine as speculation goes but the asari aren't in the category of using eezo modules. They are out side the "Other Species" group made in the codex signifying that some other method is at work. I did look up Bio amps and it does seem to support your asari element zero theory but it's not specific enough to be for sure.
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