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Re: New Catalog covers and info- cover/info not final

JD wrote: View Post
I was just checking and the early descriptions and covers are up for Voyager: Children of the Storm, Vanguard: Declassified, and TOS: A Choice of Catastrophes and Cast No Shadow have been added to the S&S catalog.
Christopher wrote: View Post
I think it's already been stated that the blurb given for Declassified is incorrect; the stories described there are placeholder ideas proposed early in the process, and the actual stories they settled on are different. As for the cover, I assume the other authors' names will be added, and I bet that digital model of the Enterprise is a placeholder for another Connie.
Dimesdan wrote: View Post
I seem to remember David Mack saying as much about a blurb for Declassified was incorrect.

Is there any chance Misters Ward or Mack could comment either way though or somewhen else who is actually involved in Declassified.
I can confirm that absolutely everything on the S&S digital catalog page for Declassified is completely wrong: the incomplete author list at the top, the cover art, the description. They even call it a novel when it's actually an anthology of four novellas. Except for the fact that they associated my name with it as an author, they got nearly every detail wrong.
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