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Re: Fringe gets a Firefly treatment

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I'm just worried that if I start watching it, then it's gonna get canceled.
But even if it does get cancelled at the end of this season - which is iffy, there seems to be a genuinely big push to get viewers to the show on Friday unlike anything I saw from Firefly or other shows - there's still 3 full Seasons that tell a pretty good story to this point.
Yeah, but will the show get a decent ending? That's always the question these days.
It's a good question, no doubt. My guess (and this is purely my own speculation) is that the show will keep most of it's current viewers (because much like Lost, the show has gone pretty serial in Season 3 and I doubt that many will drop the middle of this story just because a 1 day shift) and that will be enough to justify letting them have at least 1 more season to wrap things up. My guess is that the writers who have said they had a 5 year arc planned out will make sure that if they only get one more season, that they'll get themselves in position to wrap up the series - if need be - at the end of Season 4.

Of course, that's my rose-colored perspective on things, so you know.......
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