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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I'm glad that City v Everton wasn't postponed - always feels good to see Everton beat them. The epitome of well-run, living-within-means, poor team triumphing over The Best Team Oil Can Buy.

The Premier League postponements on the other hand are a joke, as are most of the Championship. If the pitch is playable, the game should go ahead. Slipping and falling outside the stadium as an excuse? Utter drivel - you could fall or slip anywhere, especially considering the vast number of people out and shopping or going to panto/shows.

The likes of Ancelotti, Redknapp and Dave Jones () must have been delighted not to play those games, mind. When they're played now, there might be some semblance of form for their teams or catastrophic drop-off for the opponents.
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