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Re: My Dungeon Game [work in progress]

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This is fortunate for me, since the 8/16-bit era is about on par with my own game programming abilities.
Same with me. I have been working on a tile-based 2d side-scroller using C# and XNA. I don't have any real plan for the game - I have just been messing around with different ideas. I have the collision detection and movement working, now I just need to turn it into a game.
Over half of the game projects I've started haven't been completed, simply because I begin to lose motivation if they drag on for longer than 2-3 weeks. Those that I've finished were finished within that time frame, so that's what I'm aiming for.

I'm not much of an artists, so creating sprites is a big challenge for me, more so than the programming. I have been messing around with GIMP and reading tutorials in an effort to get better.
I'm not so good at art either, but I feel pleased that the art I've done for games in the past has been satisfactory. I sometimes say that if something I've drawn turns out well, then that's down to luck rather than skill.

Here is a picture I drew last year, that I was quite pleased with:

Good luck with your game!
And you.
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