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Why, after 700 years plus, hasn't the federation reached Kyrian and Vaskan space - when the doctor is activated, they have no knowledge of humans or the federation other than through their knowledge of voyager

At maximum warp, it would apparently take 70 years to reach the alpha quadrant so presumably 700 years is more than enough time for the federation to have made contact (and that doesn't even take into account, technological advances)

so why, after 700 years, are the kyrians and vaskans totally unaware of the federation - is the federation over - did the dominion destroy it - surely the federation would have travelled that far within the space of 700 years
just because they're likely to be able to travel there easily by then, doesn't mean they will. They can't go everywhere.

Or, maybe given the state of conflict that area was in when Voyager went through the Feds have avoided it.

Or maybe, Voyagers databases have shown that theres not much in that area of interest to the feddies.

Even if they don't advance Warp tech, 70 years is a long time to travel in one direction to look at a planet that someones already been to...
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