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Re: Alias just ticked me off badly!!! (Season 3)

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It also lost me for a while after they prematurely ended the SD-6 arc. That was, my understanding, pure network interference. And no amount of Sydney-in-lingerie can make up for the fact the arc should have run to the end of Season 5, or at the very least been resolved in a more satisfactory manner.
Odd that you say this when you also say:

But the basic concept as introduced in Season 1 only had a limited life expectancy anyway. This would have been so much better a show if they'd just produced a single 22-episode season.
I agree with the latter statement. By the time they ended the initial SD-6 arc, it had grown ridiculous. Every mission SD-6 sent Sydney on ended up failing one way or another because of her sabotage, and yet Sloane never suspected that she was either a traitor or an incompetent? Why would he keep sending her on missions when, as far as he could tell, she never got anything right?? The premise had outlived its believability, and I think it was right to end it when they did. The problem is that they didn't figure out anything good to replace it with. Instead of an abrupt midseason retool, it would've been better if the decision had been made between seasons so that the staff had time to figure out a good way to wrap up the SD-6 arc and transition into a worthwhile new storyline.
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