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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi, everyone!

I'm new here and this is my first official post on TrekBBS. If anyone would like to know, my username on is KathrynKiraJaneway77.

You can go ahead and call me Jezibell if you want (not my real name, but I go by it in a lot of message boards.)

Alright, well I'm 19 and the first ever Star Trek I remember watching was VOY, but soon after I fell in love with TNG. I don't remember what the first episode was, but I do remember it was one where everyone was on the bridge (a lot of help, right?) and Beverly was there. It must have been in the first season because of what wig they had her wearing, but eversince then I have been hooked!

I won't say TNG is my favorite series, but it probably is tied with VOY as favorite. My favorite character is Dr. Crusher. Being so young, I always wished she was my mother (Yes, I'm crazy!) She's intelligent, strong, funny, gentle, beautiful and so much more, I only wish we had some more of her backstory. I also very much enjoy Picard (I'm a diehard P/C fan.) He's just the most handsome man I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Patrick Stewart = sexy.

I also loved Worf. I'm a big fan of Klingon culture and if I had a choice of being a species, it probably would be Klingon. So tough, so strong, so loud and honorable and brave. I wish I was a little like a Klingon (in the personality sense) in real life. I'm much more of a quiet person. However, I'm not unsocial. I've also had a crazy obsession for the Borg Queen. I would love to be her, too!

I was always upset that Picard and Crusher didn't get together during the series. I just got done rewatching "Attatched" and, having not seen it in a while, I couldn't believe how I felt when Beverly dismissed the idea of them 'not being afraid.' I wanted to slap her silly! At least they've finally gotten together in the books, but jeeze, woman!!

Also, I just want to get this out: I am and never was a fan of Ensign Ro..... Go ahead and judge!

Alright, since I have a habit of rambling, I'll stop there. Can't wait to get to know some of you and talk to you about this wonderful fandom!
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