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My Dungeon Game [work in progress]

I mentioned in another thread that I want to make a dungeon crawling game loosely inspired by the arcade game Gauntlet and some rpg games.

I thought I would make this thread where I could talk about it, report on progress, and see if others want to contribute art/ideas.

I have good memories of some old 8-bit games that I played in my childhood. Then throughout my teenage years I didn't care for computer games at all, but in my early 20s I became interested in them again.

In some ways prefer the cheerfulness, purity and simplicity of old school games over what we have today. This is fortunate for me, since the 8/16-bit era is about on par with my own game programming abilities.

I decided to make a start on my dungeon game on Sunday, by drawing some background tiles and made a little program to draw a screen image from them, which you should see below.

As I have some free time over the next couple of weeks I hope to be able to devote some of it to this project.

If anybody here wants to help by drawing some sprites, then you may volunteer, and I'll provide details.

Suggestions are also welcome because I don't have a solid plan for what direction this is going to take yet!

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