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VOY Avatar Contest Phage

Previously, in the Star Trek: Voyager Avatar Contest...

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And the winners are...

Episode: Time And Again

VOY Theme: Time Pieces

Random: 12 Days Of Christmas
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Congrats! Next contest is od0_ital's, Praetor_Shinzon needs to come up with a VOY Theme and Admiral Shran can do the Random Theme.
This week's episode is 'Phage', where the crew makes contact with the Vidiians and learns about the Phage.

Episode theme will be "Love, Delta Quadrant Style" - any couple or relationship that developed in the Delta Quadrant.

Random theme will be "Practical Jokes" - some good ole' buckets of water on doors, putting someone's hand in warm water while they sleep, sinks that spray you, etc.

Entries will be accepted from now 'til Friday.

All entries have to conform to board rules - up to 140x140 and 70KB if animated.

Good luck!

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