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Re: Art that doesn't need its own thread

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Speaking of smart phone communicators, here's a little something I whipped up a while back trying to design a more Trek fitting JJ communicator:

The button on the left is to open the flap and to talk (it's essentially a walkie-talkie, press the button to open channel.) The buttons on the right are for volume, when closed it adjusts the chirp, when open it adjusts the volume of the speaker. The light blue displays are for power, signal, frequency, and the one at the bottom flashes when you're getting a call (along with chirp). The Green power button is to turn the comm on and off, the red target one is to scan for a signal. The middle grey part is a small "mouse wheel" that adjusts frequency range. Oh, and the dark grey part at the top is the antennae and the black square in the middle is to access it's internal components.

Inspiration was a Razor phone.
It's cool, but I think the power button and the button with the crosshairs are too obviously like cellphone buttons in shape.
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