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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

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1) Prime Directive nonsense - totally absurd. "We have to stand by and watch a society disappear because we can't interfere with them" obviously defeats the purpose of the law in the first place. This is stupid.
Is that really a problem endemic to Titan, though? At least in my novels, Riker and the crew have taken a rather liberal approach to the Prime Directive. Indeed, in Orion's Hounds, Riker explicitly said that he was no longer willing to tolerate seeing the PD used as an excuse for doing nothing when others were in need, and in Over a Torrent Sea, Lavena challenged the use of warp technology as the accepted threshold for contact. If they're taking a more conservative approach in StF, then something must've changed in the interim. Or else it's just a difference of authorial interpretation. I freely admit that I was shading Riker and Troi's views of the PD to reflect my own even if it differed from how they were portrayed in the show.

4) Every damn Titan book is about some planet or other about to be wiped from existence. There's plenty of interesting shit in the universe that isn't mega-deadly.
Well, the threat in Over a Torrent Sea, while on a planetary scale, was not existential. It threatened to disrupt the natives' way of life and cause an ecological crisis which, while dangerous in the near term, would eventually stabilize over ensuing generations.

And of course Taking Wing was about Romulan political machinations. I don't recall any planetary-level threats there.
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