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Re: Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire review thread

Well I finished it but wow it was hard work.

It felt like there was a great story here involving the Gorn using the Ecosculpter and the Titan trying to stop them before the Typhon Pact fleet arrived - it could have dealt with the Gorn's fertility problems - maybe have Titan try to figure out another way of helping them in an attempt to get them to leave the Pact. Instead it got swamped by Prime Directive issues, the other Gorn vessel, the senseless trip to the planet & then from pretty much nowhere the Ecosculpter being sentient! It's like we can't have a Titan book without some big alien intelligence somewhere along the line. Oh and Tuvok's terraforming issues - what the hell was that!

The Prime Directive stuff was painful and really when facing an enemy fleet and the possible destruction of a planet do you really send your two senior officers down to collect data - I mean really! Then again this did seem to be the book of stupid Riker decisions all in all.

Oh and this can be a problem in every Titan book but was really obvious here - there are so many characters to introduce that sometimes it overwhelms the story - for the first 100 or so pages it felt like we just got character descriptions. This reached its nadir in Troi dropping off Natasha having a chat with T'pel and then also acknowledging the other kids in the nursery by name - why do it.
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