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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

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You know what? Isaporeai Hyps'rat is really gross. The slick, fleshy walls, the orifices and openings, the sucking, squishing sounds. Ewww. You do an excellent job describing it all, too.

I liked the pairings we saw here. Qwert/Lkim and Gemma/Prin all played really well off of each other. Great character moments. I especially liked Gemma and Prin's mutual respect and understanding.

I also loved the section with Ianto. It was fascinating to see him allocating his program to all those different tasks, and they served as an excellent reminder of what else is going on "offscreen," too.

Very cool chapter, can't wait for more!
Hi Kes!

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad I grossed you out with Onyx Station, that was (and is) entirely the goal here - I really wanted this to seem more alien than a lot of what we are used to. The grossness factor just adds to it, I hope.

The two pairings here are seemingly obvious ones, but in the case of Prin and Turner, a neccessary one. Both of these women have close relationships to Ba'el and have lots in common, but also have an inevitable capacity for conflict. I'm quite intrigued myself to see where their relationship may lead.

Glad the Ianto scene worked - I was worried about how well it would work, so it's reassuring to know that it did what I wanted it to.

More coming in a couple of days!
Gul Re'jal wrote: View Post
New chapter!!

Poor Prin, being in command sometimes feels great but ordering people to become kamikaze is not the nicest commanding duty.

Can't wait to see Qwert in action
Thanks for the comment Gul Re'jal. Means a lot to see how excited you were at a new chapter!

Yes, Prin is in sort of a quandary, enjoying the opportunity to command this ship but hating the sequence of events that have led her here so far.

As for Qwert, we'll be seeing more of him "in action" in the next few chapters!

Thanks again!

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