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Re: Anyone here a fan of Firefly?

Big fan of Firefly here. I wouldn't call myself a Browncoat, but I really enjoyed the show, as with most of Whedon's production. As others have said, it took me a couple of episodes to warm up to it, but then I was hooked. Fantastic cast, funny and natural dialogues, and an interesting premise. I would advice anyone to watch it, and see if it's in tune with their tastes. Given the short span, it's well worth the investment.

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In the end, I take myself, the world, and my preferred kind of sci-fi just way too seriously.
Well, at least you are aware of that.

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Well, after Serenity, there's not much argument that the Alliance isn't evil. I mean, they wiped out a planet (by accident, granted) and then covered it up. That's pretty evil.

And prior to that, they were still portrayed as being pretty heavily into human experimentation at least as bad as MK-ULTRA.
Given that standard, you have to accept that virtually every country on Earth is as evil as the Alliance, if not worse. That said, the Alliance government fucked up pretty bad on Miranda, and it deserved to be exposed to the public for its own misdeeds, but for the rest of the show I agree it wasn't intended to be evil or tyrannical, just conformist, well-ordered, and somewhat dull, at the expenses of individualism and some instances of self-determination. Which, depending on your political position, could be classified as "bad", but certainly not "evil".
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