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Re: How is Janeway sexy?

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One of the things I've always admired about Kate Mulgrew as an actress is that she's been able to achieve a reasonable level of success without being a great beauty, incredibly sexy or having a great body shape. I once heard an interview with Kate on this very subject where she acknowledged that she lacked the overt sexiness and beauty of many in Hollywood. In some ways, I guess that's why she hasn't landed a lot of highly commercial (but shallow) roles. This is true of many of the actor I enjoy watching eg Eric Stolz, Christopher Walken, Glen Close, Dianne Wiest.

Having said that - beauty/sexiness etc is a very personal choice.
Amen - normal-looking actors/actresses give the rest of us regular people hope that we can be cool too without melon boobies and collagen lips. Looking perfectly average should not be a barrier to being a hero! Most real-life heroes and good people ARE normal-looking folks.

I pretty much find all the people you listed awesome. Speaking of mojo, Walken's got that in spades. He's totally sexy.
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