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Re: Anyone here a fan of Firefly?

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As far as I know, the Bluehand guys were robots/andriods (whatever), and the guards the Operative kills at thye beginning of "Serenity", seem to be as well.

Pretty sure they were people.
Whedon's written/cannon frist trilogy, as I recall, shoes the Bluehands to not be human, when Simon attacks when with -- as I recall -- an exercise bar with weights on it.

And in the film when the Operative stabs one of the guards with a swords, you see it short circuits with sounds (and I think a little spark) and shake like he's malfuctioned.
All I remember from that comic is that we find out the Blue Hands in fact wear some sort of blue body suit under their clothes. As for the guy the Operative stabbed in the movie, I thought the sword sliced where he kept his gun holstered, and that's what we saw spark? And indeed, I thought the guy was trying to reach for his gun when he was stabbed.
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