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[GAME] The Trek Screencap Game: The Doomsday Cap

Welcome to the Star Trek Screencap Game!

How does this work? A Screencap from a Star Trek Series or movie will be posted and other TrekBBS members will post their guesses for which episode or movie they think it is from. The First person to guess the correct answer wins and will post the next Screencap.

Something that's good to know, there is a limit of one guess at a time. Make your guess, the poster of the cap will say yay or nay, then you may guess again.

Before new business, there is some old business to take care of; our scores from the Last Thread.

Contestants are listed chronologically from their first victory.

orac: 10
Kentrats47: 18
Bad Atom: 15
AstroSmurf: 1
LeadHead: 29
mtblillie: 2
KirkPicard: 2
Flying Spaghetti Monster: 1
Kadratis: 1
Finn: 2
Jtrek: 1

Our top players:

LeadHead, just go ahead and throw your tomatoes, I know I'm hated.

Kentrats47, one of my most dangerous enemies, with an impressive performance in the last round!

Bad Atom, Considering forming an alliance with Kentrats47 to take me out... Help!

orac: The TARDIS served you well the thread!

Congratulations to all of our players!

Now, since Kentrats47 won the last round at the end of the last thread, he gets to post the first cap of the new thread!
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