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Re: [GAME] The Trek Screencap Game: The Best of Both Caps

Now that we're at over 1,000 posts, it's time to close this thread and start a new one. First lets check the scores.

Contestants are listed chronologically from their first win in the thread:

orac: 10
Kentrats47: 18
Bad Atom: 15
AstroSmurf: 1
LeadHead: 29
mtblillie: 2
KirkPicard: 2
Flying Spaghetti Monster: 1
Kadratis: 1
Finn: 2
Jtrek: 1

Our top players:

LeadHead, just go ahead and throw your tomatoes, I know I'm hated.

Kentrats47, one of my most dangerous enemies, with an impressive performance in this round!

Bad Atom, Considering forming an alliance with Kentrats47 to take me out... Help!

orac: The TARDIS served you well this thread!

If you'll just give me another few minutes, I'll start the new thread and post a link here.
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