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Re: Anyone here a fan of Firefly?

I never did much care for FF. I guess I'm just not in its target market. I have never much liked those renegades/rebels/rogues type of characters, and when you've got a show where ALL the protagonists are exactly that, it's a big red-flag for me. Also, I do so hate Whedon-style dialogue, I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns...

In the end, I take myself, the world, and my preferred kind of sci-fi just way too seriously. Nobody in FF (well, none of the main characters, anyway) seems to take anything seriously, and that's why I can't relate to it. In the show's terms, I'm definitely more of a Purple Belly than a Browncoat (if I had to imagine myself as a character on the show, that's definitely what I would be).

That being said, I would definitely be interested in a re-telling of the existing episodes, but from the point of view of the Alliance. Trek comics did that awhile back with Blood Will Tell - a series of comics that retold certain TOS episodes that involved Klingons, but from the point of view OF the Klingons. I wonder how different some of those FF stories would have been if they had given the Alliance POV a chance to be told.

I will say that the one FF story I actively enjoyed is one which does not, technically, exist. I think it's an unproduced script - can't remember its title, but it's one where one of Mal's old cohorts from the browncoat days was going around killing people and blowing up Alliance settlements and all that. Mal finally corners him and says something like "It isn't war when they're not shooting at you. Then it's just plain murder." I rather enjoyed when he said that.
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