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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

90. Tangled (A-)
91. The Fighter (A-)
92. The Red Shoes (A+)

An iconic 1948 film about ambition to be a star (in the ballet, so we're talking relative stardom here); often called the best film by its directors, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, it's quite impressive overall. I got around to seeing this now in part because a lot of the reviews of Black Swan mention this, which intrigued me.

I've heard it called the best ever use of Technicolour, and having seen the film I could believe it; the colours are amazing (it's obsessed with the lead actress' bright red hair). Pretty much every review or summary of the film I've seen spotlights the 17-minute ballet sequence, which is indeed extremely memorable. I've practically no experience with the ballet, but the story told here is quite engaging. The film takes a number of flights of fantasy, with a lot of people reading the ending as the shoes actually doing what they do in the ballet.

Cast-wise, the amount of actual dancing onscreen necessitated casting most of the roles with actual ballet dancers (rather than actors); Moira Shearer, as the lead, is quite good. The supporting men from the troop are all incredibly over the top, but that mostly fits with the atmosphere. Anton Walbrook and Marius Goring, the two main actors who don't have to dance, are also very good.

My main reservation is the ending conflict between career and marriage which, even for the time, comes across as incredibly forced on the part of the husband.
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