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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

FAIR TRADE - 3x13 - 3/5

Things don't start off too well, with Neelix feeling he can pre-empt a promotion of some Starfleet/Maquis officer and get into a security role immediately. Fortunately things improve and we have yet another good Neelix episode (a shock I know!) which helps build on his character and provides some background on his past life.

I also like the realism of the situation, as Neelix gets further and further pushed into a perilous situation, a situation all of us have been put in at some point in our lives. He's increasingly torn between helping an old friend (Wix) and doing the Right Thing and falls into the trap of easily rationalising the next questionable act. It's a fairly solid episode throughout and Neelix doesn't get the easy way out (sort of).
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