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Re: Babylon 5 vs Farscape

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I didnt like Farscape at all, much too silly and didn't like the actors.

1. best characters-B5
2. best storyline/plot-B5
3. best setting-B5
4. best themes-B5
5. best acting-B5
6. best music-B5
7. best special effects-Farscape
8. best ending/finale-B5
9. best overall (see poll)-B5
That pretty much covers it.

Babylon 5 is better than Star Trek and Deep Space 9 is the best Trek.

Trek is better than Farscape.

B5 was really low budget but it was amazingly good for that. I think it is THE BEST sci-fi show to date. Farscape is almost down to the pseudo-sci-fi level of Star Wars.

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