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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

So they finally locate the Sol and Luna - only they don't they only detect one! Things should be looking up but they still remain desperate as they are a long way being able to get to them because of the subspace damage.

The solution to getting to them quicker as given by Icheb seems a bit extreme from the normally reserved and restrained XO. However, the startling development of how the connection to the neural interface is affecting Icheb is subtle but clear. And it bodes not well for things for him. I can only suspect that the effects are akin to a drug. He is to degrees a relapsed addict given his past connection to the Collective. This taste of what he could process as a super intelligent person has to be stimulating and overwhelming. And then there is the chance to know Omega as well. Damn. Frightening temptations for Icheb and could cloud his future judgements re: offers from the RBorg.

However, for Adele the options forwards are limited. Trust the RBorg; use Omega; allow partial assimilation of Tesseract. WTF? I doubt any of those options appeal to her. And now she cannot be sure of her XO.

Damned fascinating developments.
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