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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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Shane's current fate and the CDC sequence already demonstrate they aren't slavishly following the comics.
I don't think it shows anything more than what Darabont, Hurd, and Kirkman have said to expect: same roadmap, with detours. That's really all that either of those situations is. I expect Shane will ultimately die in the same manner as he did in the comics, and the CDC detour was exactly that - a perfect example of the "detour" phrase the producers keep using.

It comes down to a semantic matter of degrees, I suppose. It should be self-evident, from before the series even premiered, that The Walking Dead on AMC as a long-form adaptation was never going to, in a literal sense, "slavishly" adapt The Walking Dead published by Image Comics. It does not, however, follow from that obvious fact that the series is going to divert in a major way from the comics plotlines, and the producers have stated the exact opposite stance anyways.

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