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Actually there's a very easy way around that. The claim that Picard died in "Tapestry" came exclusively from Q himself. It was never independently corroborated. At the end, when Picard awoke on the table, Beverly told him simply, "You've been injured." Yes, he had a burn on his chest, but people have recovered from far worse burns. Yes, he was in cardiac arrest and his respiratory system was shutting down, but 24th-century medicine has saved people from worse than that (remember, in "The Neutral Zone," Beverly brought back three people who were actually dead, and did so in a matter of minutes).

So the only reason to accept that Picard actually died in that episode is if you implicitly trust Q's word. And if you think you can do that, then I have a beach resort on Exo III to sell you.
And to do that, you have to believe that Q actually appeared in the episode. I've always assumed the whole sequence was a fevered dream brought on by the near-death experience.
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