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Re: The Christmas Countdown Thread!

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Something my husband said earlier reminded me of a running gag gift which made its way between my three brothers (4, 8 and 9 years older than me) and me for years. About 35 years ago an aunt gave my youngest brother what became known as "the yellow stapler set" as a gift. It was boxed and contained a bright yellow stapler, tape dispenser, and staple remover. It was cheap, butt-ugly and my other brothers and me teased the youngest brother mercilessly about it ("Wow, Auntie must dislike you so much that you're out of her will!"). So the following Christmas my youngest brother wrapped the yellow stapler set box and put it under the tree for one of our other brothers. That brother gave it to the third brother for his birthday, who then gave it to me the following Christmas, and I passed it back to the oldest brother as his birthday was next, and so on. This yellow stapler set made the rounds between the four of us for about 10 years, with Christmas being the most exciting time as we never knew who was going to get it (you knew you were going to get it for your birthday if you didn't have it already!). I think the set was thrown out by my dad when my mom died and he moved into a condo, and it saddens me that the tradition can't continue. It was childish, pointless, and so, so much fun.
I love this.
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