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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

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Sound was the main problem we had with our film. Our set was built in a very echoey hall (it was all we could get) and much of the dialogue reverbed too much to be usable. We ended up dubbing the whole thing!

I'd second the notion to do as much planning as possible. Plan every shot, every angle, visualise the whole thing before you shoot it. We didn't do enough of this, and we found we wasted a lot of time just trying to work out where the camera should go for every shot. A bit of a pain, that was.
Speaking of having to dub entire sequences: IIRC, virtually all of the bridge scenes from ST:TMP needed to be dubbed, because all the bridge displays used back projection, and the roar of all those projectors was simply too loud to filter out.

The point being this: There's a reason that the phrase "We'll fix it in post (production)" is considered a Hollywood cliche. Even pros run into problems that sometimes require the same kind of seemingly inelegant solutions that we sometimes utilize. (Like having to loop dialogue and sound for an entire set of sequences.)

Having to use some trickery to avoid a reshoot, and to save an otherwise unusable scene should not make you feel unduly amateurish, as even veteran pros do that all the time. This kind of "faking it" is the magic of Hollywood.
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