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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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[...] the writers were smart to establish early on that the TV series won't slavishly follow the comic book. [...]
That depends on what you mean by "slavishly." Darabont and Hurd have consistently stated that the comic series provides the roadmap that the television series will travel, and that the tv series will take some logical detours off of that path but will always return to the path of the comics.
True, but they'll definitely have to expand the time frame. The comic so far has been about a year or so? They can't get away with that over several seasons.
Unless they kill or kidnap all the kids...then maybe they can expand the time frame...or at least not worry about them in the series. One way to keep the kids in, though, might be to have flashback sequences...ones where they shoot with the kids now, and then re-edit something later
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