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Re: AKA Jessica Jones coming to ABC

Jessica Drew, the Spider-Woman, was Jessica Jones' SIDEKICK (How the mighty have fallen.) for a few issues of Alias. Gal pals who solved crimes together. Good shit.

The post in question mentions the Purpleman being rapey so i thought it was either a simple typo, brianfart or it was reference to Jessica's hench woman Jessica in refference to the extended characters in the comic... If the show were to focus on the two of them, the title might be: Jones and Drew? The Two Jessicas? Jessicaland (Oh goodness, the two of them working for Jessica Fletcher!)?

But anyway, that wasn't Jessica Drew or Spider Woman in Alias.

It was the Skrull Queen (Princess?) masquerading as Jessica Drew which since Bendis was the "genius" behind the entire Secret Invasion you have to wonder if he was seeding clues early in the game before he was having the SKrull Queen being a double agent against Hydra for Nick Fury and the triple agent against all humanity for her own personal religious crusade of colonization in the pages of the New Avengers.

I always thought that the reason the comic was called Alias was because of how the narrative inthe comic was phrased that the Jessica Jones character was disassociating or bipolar after "the incident"...

Why the fuck would it be called AKA Jessica Jones?

It's her name.

Her only name.
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