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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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Maybe the success of TWD will inspire more shows written for grownups? But that requires that TV producers realize that what's making this show successful is that it doesn't insult the audience's intelligence, instead of everyone suddenly liking zombies.
There might be some producers who think like that, but I'd be shocked if many network execs have that much insight.
Knowing network, the lesson won't be "people like intelligent drama." It will be "people like exploding brains."

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[How long did it take the caravan to reach the CDC? One day? Granted that it took a while to repair Dale's hose, I can forgive the timing even though it's in the same city. But as far as I can tell, they left the morning after the attack... and that was the morning after the fish fry. And they told Jenner they hadn't had any food for two or three days? What?
Not to mention that Rick, et al, ran back to the camp from the city in less than a day after Merle stole the van.

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Producer Gale Anne Hurd says that the writing staff was not fired. In addition, she expects the series to return in October 2011 and that Darabont & Kirkman will start mapping out the second season early next year.
I wonder what they're going to do about Carl. With such a long hiatus they'll have the same problem as Walt in Lost.
Yep. And that's another reason why the writers were smart to establish early on that the TV series won't slavishly follow the comic book. Comic books have the luxury of child "actors" who don't age over several years. Live action movies and television don't. Carl alone is a reason why the TV show was going to have to deviate from the comic book plotlines.

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Bombs don't work.
Why not? Do bombs somehow not damage the brains of the things they're dropped on anymore?
Yeah, if a baseball bat to the skull causes enough brain damage to take out a zombie (which we've seen), I would think the percussive force of an explosion would too.

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It's unlikely that they could walk across the ocean floor. It's muddy and there are all kinds of ravines and they'd be buffeted by the currents and so forth; and they wouldn't be able to see, so they'd need some magical sense of direction. Maybe they drift like seaweed until they hit land.
That actually makes the most sense. The bodies don't walk across the ocean, they drift.

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Here's a story about TWD plot holes. What bugs you about this show? How would you handle a zombie outbreak better than these guys have?
In some ways, Rick is like Jack on LOST. He's the "hero," the group tends to look up to him, but damn if he doesn't fuck things up more often than not.
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