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Re: Babylon 5 vs Farscape

I wonder what it would have been like Farscape had more of B5's pre-planning when it comes to story? Or if Babylon 5 had more of Farscape's effective character development?

And to answer your question, Elemental: I choose Farscape over Babylon 5 because though I love B5's story and some of its characters, I felt more of an emotional attachment to Farscape's characters and their trials and tribulations. The deaths of certain major Farscape characters which I won't mention for the sake of those who haven't seen the show moved me more than the character deaths that occured on B5. The writing was better than B5's with its natural dialogue and witty non-chessy humor, and the special effects were better and a bit more advanced than B5's. I love B5's series finale Sleeping in Light but love Farscape's Peacekeeper Wars more as an ending that excites, delights, and saddens me and leaves me with peace of mind. Hell, I even love John and Aeryn's relationship more than John and Delenn's relationship because of the passion and love these two characters have for each other that can elevate them as well as burn them within an inch of their lives if they're not careful. I never really felt that with John and Delenn though I do like them as a couple.

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