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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

I don't think it's at all overly dramatic to call this a totally disappointing conclusion to the weakest season of the series. Deb not learning Dexter's hobby because of a piece of plastic between her and him? That was easily the most frustratingly contrived scene on the series ever.

Lumen kills Jordan Chase, can no longer sleep, and this means her trauma has been cured? If Lumen isn't returning to the series, I'd say her arc was a complete waste of time. Dexter's final voice over was nice (and his comment that wishes are for children was absolutely chilling) but the fact that it's hard for him to form relationships is far short of a revelation.

Or how about another scene that nobody has mentioned yet? LaGuerta is questioning Quinn and is able to notice a tiny mark of blood on his boot and immediately assumes it is Liddy's? I belt out laughing. The guy is around crime scenes all the time and the mark is hardly noticeable.

Taking the Quinn subplot further, how does Dexter's falsification of evidence exonerate him? Did that make everyone forget that Rowboat Cop signed out all his surveillance equipment in Quinn's name? Did that make everyone forget all the phone calls between them that were never explained by Quinn? Like all the ridiculous conclusions in this finale, it's nothing but a re-set to the status quo.

Anything that changed between the season premiere and the finale has been re-set to how it was in the closing of season four. For example: the kids were gone in order to enable the season arc, but that's over, so they're back.

And, because I keep bringing it up, remember when Dexter killed an innocent man in cold blood, without taking care to prevent DNA evidence from getting everywhere, in the season premiere? Apparently that crime scene went undiscovered for an entire year, because it was never brought up again. What could have been a game changer was sloppily forgotten--perhaps the theme of this season.

I recall the prominence of Quinn's investigation of Dexter in the trailer for this year. What a disappointment there. Instead of going through channels, he stalks the Butler kid. Instead of going through channels, he hires a corrupt and crazy cop in the form of Peter Weller. And he sleeps with Deb, which is apparently justification to forget EVERYTHING. Doakes was a threat. This guy is an overly-tanned joke.

Rita's death made for a fantastic ending to last season, but after 12 episodes, I have the same feelings as Temis: what was the point?
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