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Re: The Doctor Who primer

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Actually, I just got hooked on the show. Netflix has Dr. Who Second Season (David Tennant) in instant watch, and I've watched the first 5 episodes. I already have five observational comments:

1) The show has great wit and humor, tied in with an occasional startling revelation.
2) Billy Piper is smoking hot.
3) The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) is fantastic. He carries the mantle of a Time Lord well.
4) Lots of action, adventure, lots of twists, it's a very fun show.
5) Did I mention Billy Piper was smoking hot?

Oh, and for the past 7 hours or so, the theme song has been on a constant loop in my head. Make it stop!

OK, Please do not take this the wrong way J. as I do not know you or anything but...when Santa Claus says Billie Piper is Smoking Hot...that is just creepy...funny but creepy.

Yeah, working my way back thought the pages. Why backwards? Why not?
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