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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

Sounds good...if I am back east anytime soon I'll have to try all your recommendations for eat out. Dennis I never thought there was that much ado about hot dogs. I guess I'll have to take them more seriously. Steak and big burgers is where my attention is. definately NOT salads!

Rest of the pics form the move.

Stan Ginsel and John Halliday are seen and Jimm came out toward the end and made for some interesting discussion and pointing out specific things like all the control panels carefully wrapped and packed carefully in boxes. And Jimm made for some excellent and improptu humor while we were wrapping up.

I would like to say thank you to Holly Guess and Stan Ginsel and anyone else who helped to store the sets to help Jimm out. I am sure that nothing would have survived had not they made themselves available to Jimm to assist....

It's ok to release a bad fan film. What is not ok is fighting/hating on those you ask what they think, delete the discussion, etc. Expect the next guy to stomp on you doing the fans a favor. Releasing fan films is not a blank check to be an asshole.
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