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Re: AKA Jessica Jones coming to ABC

There's a show on right now in England called "pulse" or at least a pilot was aired a few months back at the sme time as four other shows and the highest rated will get a spot in the line up. Some crappy thing about evil doctors using weird science I couldn't get through to the end of because it sucked...

One of my favourite lines ever was form Pulse.

Drunk Jessica to Wolverine : "hey, Fuck you, no fuck you, yeah fuck you: My boyfriend can kick your fucking ass."

Wolverine : "Yeah. Right. Sure. What's his name?"

Dunk Jessica : "Luke Cage."

Wolverine : "Okay. Yeah. Yes, he probably could at that."

In the late 70s there was a show called Alias Smith and Jones about cowboy bank robbers in some ancient version of parole/witness protection, but there was an english sketch comedy show called Allas Smith and Jones.

AKA sounds horrible.

Apart form James Bond mentioning Alias on Chuck last month it's possible that the kids today don't remember such olden day things as the beginning of this decade... Wait? Is 2010 the beginning of the new decade? Well 2011 certainly is.

I remember they tried to make Alias comics butt hey weren't allowed to use the name because Alias was being published at the time and they had to call the book "Agent Bristow" so fairs fair?
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