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Weren't games of that era mostly written in assembly? I could never get my head around mnemonics. I guess I'm too used to OO languages.
8-bit games were mostly made in either assembly or interpreted basic, but the latter were not good. With assembler, you can control your resources better than a compiler can, and you can use opcodes that a compiler would not consider using. When you have just 16k of memory (7k of which was the screen buffer), you needed every bit you could save, and sometimes it was that tight!

Programmers nowadays don't appreciate how skilled the 8-bit programmers were to make the machines do what they did. Who now could write a graphical chess program that fits into 1kb of memory, and complete with a cpu opponent?

In the 16-bit era, memory was abundant with >512k, so C compilers tended to be used to write the bulk of games, with assembler code injected wherever efficiency was required.

Basic was also used to write some commercial games, but tended to produce lower quality end results.
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