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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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If you enjoy Gauntlet, try 'Atic Atac'. It's a lot more fun.
I never really got into Atic Atac, despite it being rated as one of the Spectrum's finest. Out of my collection, Head Over Heels is probably the best rated. Brilliant isometric game.
I have a some good memories of those old games, and I enjoyed the feel of the 8-bit era over what we have today. It felt cheerful and carefree somehow, which is a feeling that PC's have never given me.

The 8/16-bit era is also on par with my own game programming abilities. A number of those old games I would like to remake and adapt the original gameplay. A couple of them I have, but I often lack the motivation to finish games.

A Gauntlet style game is one of those on my want to make list.
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