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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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Yes, we had one of these.

I remember Gauntlet as an arcade game. One time when I went on holiday in the early 90s, there was an arcade room where we stayed, and this was the one machine that all of the kids would gather around.

If you enjoy Gauntlet, try 'Atic Atac'. It's a lot more fun.
I never really got into Atic Atac, despite it being rated as one of the Spectrum's finest. Out of my collection, Head Over Heels is probably the best rated. Brilliant isometric game.

Anyways, I attempted to play a massively underrated game yesterday called Sacrifice, created by Shiny about 10 or so years ago. Unfortunately, the latest Nvidia cards/drivers cause a severe lag and tearing effect. I can only hope a future driver release can fix that.

Hopefully, Civ 5 is due to arrive for me tomorrow, so I'll be playing that the next few days.
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