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Re: How is Janeway sexy?

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Hah, that's just what "guys" want to think.

What we are thinking is "Oh... my... Gawd!"
The OMG is followed by, "I want that body."

Take that as you will.
I'm checking out their shoes. Actually, I do that to all women...
Personally, I only secretly wish to trip a woman if she looks like she fell out of a Jersey Shore episode. Actually, I wish to trip men who look like that as well - what with their little low-cut sequin shirts and flipped hats. I never seem to notice shoes!

If a lady or a fellow is confident and poised and nice-looking without being too "fake," that's enough to usually turn my head in admiration, not jealousy! Being a ginger helps, too.

(...I wrote a rant about sequin shirts and flipped hats, but then I held myself back.)
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