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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

@ Demonland... I think I have too many. Three of Collectors Set #1 (minus one Supreme I sold) so that's eight. One of Collector's Set #2 so that brings us to eleven. Plus the single Daleks that came with the First and Third Doctor twin-packs, which puts it at thirteen. Plus two Imperials from two Seventh Doctor twin-packs so that's now fifteen classic Daleks. Plus, from the revived series, two Ironsides, the Genetic Print Dalek, the SDCC Assault Dalek, a Red Supreme Dalek, two Dalek-Secs and now a red Drone for eight. Hmm... twenty-three Daleks for me.

@ Whofan. Rumour is there will be a set for each classic Davros story but sadly, Harry and Nyder have not been mentioned as being part of them.
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