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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

279. Ira & Abby [B+]

The first time I went to see this film (three years ago!) the projector's bulb exploded and the show was canceled. Luckily, it wasn't a sign from above or any nonsense lie that, because as it turns out, the film was pretty amusing. At times, the web of relations between the characters became pretty convoluted (though never hard to follow), but it was also very funny and even touching at times. A pleasant romantic comedy for once.

Jason Alexander puts in a hilarious (if small) supporting role and the two leads (who I haven't seen in much else) were both delightful--even Fred Willard, who managed to pull off more than his usual idiot shtick.

My mum just saw THE OXFORD MURDERS and seemed to like it. The film is on Netflix's Watch Instantly feature right now. I may take a look. I'm not sure John Hurt is so unknown, though. People probably recognize him from his role in ALIEN, and he's had prominent supporting turns in INDIANA JONES 4, THE PROPOSITION, and V FOR VENDETTA recently. Agreed about Elijah Wood, though. Despite LORD OF THE RINGS, it seems like his lot in life is to toil away in indie films--which even the best of are left unappreciated.
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