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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

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THE Q AND THE GREY - 3x11 - 1/5

I really, really don't like this episode. I will say that it does introduce some interesting ideas, but this really marks the decay of the Q as a universal force in Trek. They go from being superior omnipotent beings to bitchy, shallow, stupid, infighting morons. DeLancie's performance is solid enough, but the jokes and dialogue are no where near the quality of earlier Q episodes.

The representation of the Q continuum in 'Death Wish' was plausible, and I was intriguing by the development of the Q and exploration of them as a species. Whilst 'Death Wish' suggests the Q aren't all powerful, there's nothing depicted to suggest what their limits may be, and the Q still remains enigmatic, to say the least. This episode changes all that and completely ruins the mystique of the Q. The interactions that occur in this episode during Janeway's experience in the continuum are entirely non-sensical and the events in the climax are just laughably terrible.

I was originally going to give this a 2 as DeLancie does his best to deliver average lines and make them entertaining, but in light of just how much this episode ruins the Q as an antagonist, I am going to drop this to a 1.
I'd give it a 2 for DeLancie and the hotness of Suzie Plakkson as Mrs. Q but other than that, it's crap. They ruined the Q in Voyager, just as they ruined the Borg. Well, I supposed ANY post-TBOBW eps ruined the Borg, but there are enough threads on that right now all over the Trek BBS.
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