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Re: A Theoretical Physics Question

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I have read other threads on the subject and I don't think they have been 'shot down'. The fact you don't like the idea doesn't make it stupid. Would you rather face one massive guy in a fight or three smaller faster ones? I still think it makes sense to some degree. the separation only need take place in combat situations. In a future where FTL travel is common place and holograms become sentient, a ship like the Prometheus shouldn't pose any great technological barriers. Options in a fight are never a bad thing, plus, if things go awry do a runner and leave one section behind to cover your escape.
Your confusing fleet tactics with the tactic of splitting a ship into parts. Yes, attacking with several small ships can have advantages over attacking with one big ship, but having your ship divide into smaller ships is a one trick pony. You do it once against the enemy and it's a surprise. The next time that enemy encounters you he will be ready for it.

Don't confuse MVAM with multiple ships. One is a toy, the other is tactics.

Let's put it this way. Of the three options, which one would you least prefer to take into a fight:

1) a single large well armed and armored ship.

2) 3 smaller ships less well armed and armored, but faster. Built for the cost of one big ship.

3) 3 smaller ships even less well armored and armored and not quite as fast as #2 due to having complicated design and components to allow them to join together as one big ship. same cost as one big ship.

It seems quite clear that the Prometheus components were to be flown uncrewed, because we saw one bridge for four people, and Starfleet only had four people who could fly the ship; nobody left for piloting the attack units!
And this makes the Prometheus even worse. All you have to do is destroy the command unit and the other two are left pilotless. Once your enemy learns of this you can be damn well sure the command unit is going to be the only thing in his sights.
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