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Re: Babylon 5 vs Farscape

I am a huge fan of both series. Both Farscape and Babylon 5 are testiments of what science fiction can achieve on tv medium if it is directed and written properly with a vision , direction , idea.

Both series have strengths and weaknesses. Farscape is more like science/fiction/fantasy. It has the strongest character arcs I have ever seen in this genre on television. Relations and interactions between Moya's crew and their adventures are usually lively , witty and often very tense and unpredictable. Most of these characters on Moya ( except main protogonist human astronout John Crichton ) are long serving prisoners , escaping at their first chance. They are survivors , trying to stay alive. And to do that sometimes they do commit acts which usual alturistic , optimist and one dimensional sci-fi characters can never consider. Every episode change the characters and their outlook to their enviroment. They usually bicker and argue about what to do. They remain likable but flawed. At the other hand drama , melodrama of this series sometimes balanced out with amazing humour....Really humour factor sometimes take Farscape audience to heavens but drama and serious air never let you go...Dark tones in story became effective in its last seasons. As for the production values they are first class. CGI is high quality even holds up in todays standarts. Concepts , creative writing and fictional universe is amazing. Puppet work is excellent ( no doubt Henson Studios is highly experienced about that ) so is make up , costumes etc for aliens.

Did I mention it also has the best romance story I have ever watched in science fiction ? And best antagonist character in this genre ? And a very sucessful ( although not perfect ) finale in Farscape : The Peacekeeper Wars mini series ?

Babylon 5 is somewhat different....Its strength is over reaching five year story arc ( in Farscape there are several highly effective character arcs )....It is pre planned with every detail... ( Farscape is not but it is usually consistent ) Characters sometimes might become stereotypes with their conversations and dialogues but real star of Babylon 5 is story itself...Just like Farscape it has epic storytelling...There is also political area in Babylon 5 which has its roots in actual Earth history ( xenaphopia , fear , causes of wars , rise of dictatorships , bias of media etc ) which I liked very much. At first it appears like standart sci-fi space opera set in space for "last best hope for peace." But then it becomes something much better....

In all I love both Farscape and Babylon 5. With Battlestar Galactica these three series are best and highest quality of space opera productions I have ever seen on television...And I do not think they would be surpassed for a long long time....
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