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Re: Q Loves Picard?

Part of the mystery of Q is that we really don't know if Picard was mortally wounded in that blast, or if Q was merely pretending that Picard had been killed. There's really not enough information to tell for certain. However, it's my feeling that Picard was gravely wounded, but not mortally. Upon Q noticing Picard's severe injury (he could have very well known this by sensing the future event and waiting for it), he sought to use this as a "teaching event" for Picard... because for all he knew, he was severely injured and could very well die from it.

I'm not so certain that an omnipotent being like Q would consider the human race a bunch of pets. No, once there's a certain level of sentience, there is a degree of appreciation and respect. Q has a tendency to leave respect behind somewhat, but he certainly does have an appreciation. We've seen that on several occasions, from what he has said and his persistent appearances to Starfleet captains. And remember, he even offered Riker the chance to become a Q. Would you elevate a pet or creature of sheer amusement to your own level? I think not.

Q appreciates Picard for what he is. He definitely recognizes him as an exceptional human being, however flawed he may be. And it is those flaws that he teases Picard about. My memory doesn't serve me well about this, but I do remember something about Q mentioning that the human race is progressing faster than they expected... and that the Q continuum is indeed concerned about that. So again, he isn't looking at Picard and crew as pets, but more as future higher level beings that the continuum will have to contend with.
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